A jiu-jitsu collaboration for the community offering the best curated products and exclusive brand collabs.



Inspiring community and culture | Spreading the good vibes in the local jiu-jitsu community

Ikiro means "Be Alive" in Japanese. 

Ikiro is a jiu-jitsu collaboration store for the local community. We have selected the finest collection of jiu-jitsu brands & lifestyle apparel for the discerning grappler in you.

We recognize and appreciate the hard work and passion of many people (instructors, academies, students, competitors, brands, organizers, bloggers and media) in making our community grow and we want to continue to be a part of this. We believe that a stronger and united jiu-jitsu community makes a better society

Established in 2016, Ikiro is the original authentic kimono store and apparel brand offering the best curated products and exclusive collaborations based out of Manila, Philippines.

Ikiro continues to strive to inspire people on and off the mats.

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Ikiro Jiujitsu