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Looking to separate the dirty gear for laundry after your hard training? Ikiro is proud to introduce the DJ Sack 2.0 to answer your jiu-jiteiro needs . A no-frills jiu-jitsu tote bag with just the right size that can fit one (1-2) jiu-jitsu gi sets, rash guard, a couple of extra clothes and now with the Ikiro Trademark Loop Hole Belt System for those dirty belts after training. Roll. Wash. Dry. Repeat. Time to keep it clean!

DJ Sack 2.0 comes with the features and benefits:

  • Washable fabric (18"x25") - added extra size
  • Easy drawstring with stopper to tighten top of bag
  • High-quality logo print
  • Shoulder strap/handle for easy access to move your gear
  • Customized design for the athlete
  • Ikiro Trademark Loop Hole Belt System
  • Added feature: Inside pocket for small items with zipper
  • Added feature: Strap adjuster for easy handling
Special instructions: Cold wash and hang dry. Do not iron.